Create a Universe, One Game at a Time

Master the art of game development with our comprehensive Unity course that’s designed to turn beginners into professionals.

Do you feel overwhelmed by Unity’s extensive toolkit, unsure of what to learn or how to apply it correctly? Have you struggled with outdated resources and hit roadblocks that leave your projects unfinished?

As a game developer myself, I know how disheartening these challenges can be. They can lead to wasted weeks, confusion, and a trail of incomplete games that never reach their potential.

That’s why I created this Unity course. It offers a clear, up-to-date learning path, teaching best practices for clean, maintainable code. With live Q&A sessions and a supportive community, this course isn’t just about starting projects, it’s about finishing them, transforming your journey in game development.

What's Different About This Course?

Expert Answers

Get your questions answered when you're stuck.


Utilize the latest AI tech for both game creation and solving problems


Learn and follow industry standard practices and patterns

Unity 2022 LTS

Work with the latest technology available

Student Reviews

Jason has a way of explaining things that’s easy to understand and that makes it stick. His live Q&A sessions and the possibility to email questions when you get stuck is INVALUABLE. I started as an absolute beginner, having nada experience with programming, but now I feel confident I can build some awesome games
Miranda Van Elst
“Coming from an art and design background, my early attempts with Unity were a struggle, but I now have the confidence and ability to develop better content in less time. It has absolutely been worth the time and I have every intention of going through the lessons again to ensure I caught everything.”
David Young
“Jason’s courses are really rich and easy to understand. He gave me self confidence to write code by myself from scratch and helps me a lot to find my way on game programming. ”
Unal Guven

Some of what you'll learn..

AI Code & Art Tools

Interfaces & Abstract Classes

Game Save/Load (Persistence)

Local Multiplayer

Boss Fights

Physics & Math


Scene Management

Cameras & CineMachine

Timeline Cinematics

Character Animation

Enemy AI

Weapons & Lasers

Menu Systems

Scriptable Object Patterns

Tons more...


Most frequent questions and answers

The course is Active NOW! You can join and start right away. Each week I release new lessons and we have our weekly Q&A’s every friday before the gamedev show.

Definitely! But there’s always a tradeoff. The goal of this course is to give a very guided view into building a game from scratch. Instead of spending endless time searching for what to learn next, you’ll get exact details on what to build and how to build it right away.

Just a computer and the desire to make games. No previous experience is required and you don’t need to buy anything extra. I do recommend a controller though if you don’t have one. An old Xbox or Playstation controller works if you can find one 🙂

New lessons are released weekly (most weeks). The core lessons are all available immediately, but there are a lot of student requested modules and I try to add as many as possible.

We have weekly private Q&A sessions every Friday before the GameDevShow. Make sure to visit the resources section as soon as you’re registered.


2023 Game Programmer Course

Beginner - Intermediate
$ 997
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  • Become a Game Developer!
  • Write Clean Game Code
  • Beginner -> Intermediate
  • Utilize AI Code & Art

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