Affiliate Info

Welcome to the Unity Mastery Course Affiliate Program!

Pre-Launch & Giveaways

Some affiliates like to do giveaways, and I love to do them myself.  If you want to do a giveaway, I’ll give a couple free entries that you can raffle off in whatever way you like.

I’d recommend collecting emails in your giveaway of course, so you can build your list and send a discount offer to the people who don’t win when the giveaway ends.

Once your giveaway has ended, just give me the name and email of the winners and I’ll get them setup.


During the giveaway, please link to the course page using your referral link.

They won’t be able to buy the course yet, it will be in a ‘coming soon’ mode, but we’ll be able to correctly associate them with your giveaway and make sure you get full affiliate credit.


This is really flexible, but I’d recommend ending the giveaway just before the course sales open (aka launch week).

Launch Week


Starts: Monday Feb 19th – Noon PST

Ends: Sunday Feb 25th – Midnight PST

I’ll open the cart at noon PST on Monday (2/19) and we’ll begin taking students.  We’ll continue to take signups until midnight on Sunday.


Throughout launch week, I’ll be sending out regular emails to my list.  In addition to the emails I’m sending, I’ll also provide you with sample emails written with another affiliate that you can use as templates.

The amount of sales generated is usually really closely linked to the number of emails sent and the quality of those emails.

My personal strategy is one every other day with 2 on the first day and 3 on the closing day, but I know that’s a lot of emails, so it’s really important to note that the prime days for email early Monday (open) and early Sunday (close).

Course Start

We’ll kick off the first lesson of the course on the Monday Feb 26th, immediately after launch week.


Discount Codes / Coupons

If you’d like a discount code to offer your subscribers a special price, please let me know and I’ll generate one linked to your affiliate account and send it to you asap.


Creating an Affiliate Link

To Create your Affiliate Link, visit the affiliate area – – Add /join to the end of the page url and click the Generate URL button.

The final url should look something like this <– Don’t use that referral ID though, make sure to use your own.

Note: the sales page is currently being reworked and I’ve dropped in a placeholder, expect to see the final coming soon page very soon.