Art Downloads

DOWNLOAD YOUR ART I’m still formatting and adding art here, but you can download all the package below and check back soon for a bunch more free art! Start the C# GameDev Course Start NOW One Button Control Panel – Advanced Control Panel – Crafting […]

BOTS, AI, & StateMachines

Learn how to use State Machines to control simple or complex AI in your game. We’ll start with how state machines work, show how easy it is to build your own to control harvesting bots that run away from bad guys.. By the end of […]

User interfaces that scale for big games

Learn how to build a UI that works across multiple scenes, loads dynamically, and binds to whatever you want in Unity. I’ll show you the steps I use to create a user interface as a separate scene instead of a prefab, the collaboration benefits you’ll […]

SOLID Principles for Game Development

SOLID Game Development Learn how to apply SOLID coding principles to your game development projects.  In this series I’ll run you through how to apply the SOLID principles in a Unity game, starting with the Single Responsibility Principle (SRP) and continuing through each of the […]