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There’s a lot to learn with game dev, and figuring out the right things to do and learn can be difficult. 

That’s why I created this course, to simplify the process and take people with zero coding experience to a point where they can confidently build small games.

In this course you’ll learn everything ranging from the basics of writing code to multiplayer split screen play.

Speaking of code, you’ll learn how to write clean maintainable code from the start. We use the latest C# functionality and you’ll be introduced to many industry standard patterns & practices along the way. (including source control)

If you want to learn game development like a pro and have fun while doing it, register and start right now!


I Am Jason Weimann.

I started my gamedev career decades ago building multiplayer games and really love them.
My GameDev career started when I left Intel for SOE to work on Everquest 2 & Vanguard:SOH. 

Since then, I’ve also seen my share of VR, mobile, and enterprise development. Releasing launch titles for the Vive, building multiplayer games for the original iPhone, and even a bit of enterprise development at Qualcomm!

For the last decade I’ve also taught 10,000’s of game developers through my courses and millions through Youtube. I’ve enjoyed watching them grow, build communities, and finish their dream games. And I’m excited to see what you build next!

Why My Courses

Step by step instruction and Direct help with your problems


You'll learn


Trusted Knowledge

Learn the Right way the first time with good patterns and practices for all your future projects.

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Anytime, Anywhere

Watch everything on demand and optionally join live student calls multiple times per week.

Some of what you'll learn..

AI Code & Art Tools

Interfaces & Abstract Classes

Game Save/Load (Persistence)

Local Multiplayer

Boss Fights

Physics & Math


Scene Management

Cameras & CineMachine

Timeline Cinematics

Character Animation

Enemy AI

Weapons & Lasers

Menu Systems

Scriptable Object Patterns

Tons more...

Characters You'll Use

Are You Ready To Start?

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