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Download all the art you need to build your video game for free in the  BirdArt.unityPackage file.

Pack Contains:

  • 2 Birds
  • 1 Monster
  • 2 Crates
  • 1 Background
  • 1 Ground

Try it as a Course (FREE)

If you’re thinking.. this is pretty long, I’m sure I’ll get lost..

Or I wish there was a way to break this into small easy to do bites, with quizzes to test my knowledge.. and to do it all for FREE..  You’re in luck!

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Extensions / Addons

Drawing a Line (Using LineRenderer)

In this extension, you’ll learn how to draw a line from your birds starting position to your mouse position using the LineRenderer component.

This extension will release in just a few days, and if you have requests for other extensions, please drop a comment on the main video.  I’ll be watching for them and adding the most popular ones here asap.

Fall Art Set

Extend your art with the fall theme, including new birds, backgrounds, monsters, and crates.

Not only will you multiplying your options but you’ll also be supporting the independent artist who created all the free art we’ve used so far. 


I was planning on just pricing this at $5 to make sure the artist got some good support on-top of what I’ve paid him… but then realized some people may want to help him out more, and some may have a hard time with even $5.

So for now, it’s set to name your own price 🙂

If it does well, I expect we’ll see a lot more art showing up from him very soon.

Make a Request

Have something you want to see as an extension or new feature for this game?

Add it as a comment on the video to get the discussion going (the more support it has the better), then submit it here.