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  • Learn to code and build 2D & 3D games!
  • Zero programming experience required
  • Master game development in 2022
  • Learn the secrets to securing funding from publishers
  • Shoot for the steam front page with marketing instructions & tutorials
  • 2022 BONUS - 3 Month Unity Pro ($450)
  • 2022 BONUS - 1 Year Odin Pro ($250)
  • 2022 BONUS - Blink RPG Textures Bundle ($60)
  • 13 + Editable workbooks to help secure your full-time dream


Jason’s Unity 3D Masterclass taught me how to go from 0 to 60 in a couple months.

I knew the very basics of Unity but nothing about scripting. He was knowledgeable, clear, available for questions and really took the time to help me until I was unstuck. Even now, I refer back to it to help me build current projects. I don’t think you’ll find a greater wealth of information anywhere else.

Bebe Gene

Thomas Brush will give you the knowledge

Thomas Brush [will] give you the knowledge to get your indie game studio and project the social presence necessary to survive the over-saturated game development market while also pushing you to think more deeply about your ‘why’ to stay inspired and motivated throughout the journey.

Justin Horner

There are so many things to say about this course.

First, Jason is the most knowledgeable person I have come across when it comes to Unity and C# coding for games. This course was concise, thought provoking, and all inclusive. I got the impression that Jason really wanted you to walk away from this course knowing all of his secrets and prior experience in the Game industry. His goal was to keep you from making mistakes he had witnessed over the years. All of the qualities of a true Mentor. I will be forever grateful to Jason for his guidance and techniques used to get me up and coding in Unity much faster than I could have done it through all of my other studies.​

David Young - October 3, 2018
Media Productions Manager - AT&T

One thing this course has already achieved that I don't see often in online classes is that it's giving me CONFIDENCE.

I feel confident that I can ideate and create a good game using this course, and that confidence is a big part of the motivation I need to keep working on it. Though I haven’t completed the course (I’m at the 20% mark, currently), I have already learned AND achieved a ton towards my ultimate goal of creating a game, and so far am having a lot of fun doing it. What a great course!

Hannah England

The Game Programmer Course is AMAZING for beginners wanting to learn Unity and C# coding!

Jason has a way of explaining things that’s easy to understand and that makes it stick. His live Q&A sessions and the possibility to email questions when you get stuck is INVALUABLE. I started as an absolute beginner, having nada experience with programming, but now I feel confident I can build some awesome games 🙂

Miranda van Elst

I felt this was what I had been searching for.

It was an all encompassing course that taught marketing, outreach, artwork, and yes even game development! This course is delivering above and beyond and I’m extremely motivated and excited to release my first game as soon as I can!

Chris Smith