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Instead of having us talk about ourselves, why don’t we see what our clients have to say.

The Unity3d master course was AMAZING. Jason is an excellent teacher and always willing to pop in to help. The course gave me insights of how to properly manage, organize and build a Unity project from scratch. I highly recommend it for anyone that wants to get in quickly and learn how the pros do it.​
Bebe Gene
CMO, Webnishar
This course was concise, thought provoking, and all inclusive. I got the impression that Jason really wanted you to walk away from this course knowing all of his secrets and prior experience in the Game industry. His goal was to keep you from making mistakes he had witnessed over the years. All of the qualities of a true Mentor. I will be forever grateful to Jason for his guidance and techniques used to get me up and coding in Unity much faster than I could have done it through all of my other studies.​
Dylan Watkins
CEO - MonsterVR
Coming from an art and design background, my early attempts with Unity were a struggle, but I now have the confidence and ability to develop better content in less time. It has absolutely been worth the time and I have every intention of going through the lessons again to ensure I caught everything.
David Young
Media Productions Manager - AT&T
The Mastery Course was a fantastic experience! You get to watch an expert develop projects from scratch, explaining the process as they go, and make modifications later on. Coming from an art and design background, my early attempts with Unity were a struggle, but I now have the confidence and ability to develop better content in less time. It has absolutely been worth the time and I have every intention of going through the lessons again to ensure I caught everything.
Ben Morse
Jason’s courses are really rich and easy to understand. He gave me self confidence to write code by myself from scratch and helps me a lot to find my way on game programming. Q&As also show new solutions and able to see how other students think differently for same problem. Also I got warm and guiding feedbacks for challenge quizes from him as personal emails. I recommend this good quality courses from jason to anyone who wants to improve their skills or start from beginner with ease.
Unal Guven
The Game Programmer Course is AMAZING for beginners wanting to learn Unity and C# coding! Jason has a way of explaining things that’s easy to understand and that makes it stick. His live Q&A sessions and the possibility to email questions when you get stuck is INVALUABLE. I started as an absolute beginner, having nada experience with programming, but now I feel confident I can build some awesome games 🙂
Miranda van Elst


Most frequent questions and answers

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You should have a basic understanding of Unity or go through the Game Programmer Course first.  Luckily, it’s included in the Full Path Bundle!

The partia.ly option at checkout splits your course registration across 4 months. Course access works exactly the same if you use the split payment option, and no further payments are required after the 4 months.  There are no yearly fees or anything else required.  (though you may be inspired to start buying a bunch of art assets to build your own games)

Yes! It’s right below, before the bonuses and crazy refund policy 🙂

Each week we’ll have a new lesson covering part of game architecture.  I’ll be releasing the entire weeks lessons every Monday to be as flexible as possible with everyone’s schedule.  We’ll have live Q&A calls every Wednesday.

All my lessons are recorded for you to access indefinitely.  You can do the lesson immediately when it’s released or if you’re busy, you can come back to it at any time.  If you get stuck or have questions, I’m always available to help.

The Schedule


Learn to plan a project quickly and easily with interactive game design documents to keep your projects on track and get them to the goal line.


We’ll use powerful dialog systems that work in and outside of Unity, then extend upon them to allow dialog choices to impact our game in crazy ways.


Build a foundation to connect multiple game systems without the typical tight coupling and spaghetti code.

Scriptable Objects

You’ll create an RPG stats system using scriptable objects as a foundation.

Multistage Questing

Your quest system will allow quest designers to build the quest of their dreams while cleanly interacting with the other game systems.


We’ll take advantage of our quest and stats systems to build an investigation and inspection system, giving players the first of many quest objectives.

Advanced Dialog

Extend the dialog system to use Stats and trigger game events.


You’ll learn how to create a full fledged inventory system with your own custom item editors. We’ll setup a variety of item types with stats and prepare for weapons.


We’ll create a customizable weapon setup, preparing our player for combat and game progression.

Combat Systems

You’ll extend NPCs to fight the player.  We’ll start with simple in-place targets, continue to roaming, searching, bots.. then start building Boss fights.

Advanced Cameras

To facilitate combat, we’ll build a more robust camera system where the player can switch between different perspectives. We’ll also tie our dialog in here to add some extra cool polish.


Build powerful scripting systems for yourself and game designers. We’ll build gameobject based systems, then explore visual scripted solutions.

Advanced NPCs

Npcs will get smart.. you’ll learn how to use visual state machines and a variety of other techniques to build Npcs that run full routines and create living worlds.


No RPG is complete without crafting. We’ll add a full crafting system that you can customize to your hearts content.


Learn how to build and manage data in a way that’s easy to persist locally or even on a remote server. Everything in our RPG needs to persist, so we’ll be focusing on data separation & management from the beginning.


Using our extensible endpoints, we’ll build a full fledged tutorial to introduce new players to our systems, without needing to write a bunch of hacky extra code.

Character Progression

With a solid base for our game, we’ll learn how to build in a full persistent progression and leveling system.

Level Progression

With our systems built, we’ll easily expand our game across multiple levels to start adding a variety of content and quests.

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