What are these mastermind groups?

The ‘mastermind groups’ will be groups of 4-6 developers who will meet weekly and talk through the progress of their projects, present and share problems with each other, and help find solutions. And don’t let the name fool you, there’s no mastery or megamindness required to join 🙂

Why would I want to join?

You’ll be in a group of developers at a similar level as yourself, struggling with similar problems. After a few weeks of meeting, you’ll start to understand each others problems and be able to provide feedback, encouragement, ideas, and connections to each other. I use my mastermind groups to debug technical issues, decide what tools to use, and even decide what to do for my year going forward (I do a lot of planning in mine 🙂

What are the requirements to apply?

You’re a developer who’s working on a project that you can talk about to other people. (if you’re totally unable to share or talk about anything, a group won’t be too helpful). Most members will probably be unity developers, but I don’t expect all will (and encourage other devs to apply).

What are my responsibilities if I'm accepted?

Attend your group’s call weekly, join the discord, participate, and help your team! 🙂

When do we meet?

Once your group is formed, the meeting will be something you can determine together.

I’ll do my best to match you by availability, but you’ll have to figure out the best time that works.


How long should we meet?

About an hour a week seems to work well.  Going much longer makes it harder for people to commit and attend weekly. Of course sometimes my personal groups calls go on much longer when the discussion is really good 🙂


What's the cost to join?

It’s completely free, but will cost your TIME.
If you join a group, others will be counting on you to attend and participate.